Sunovion Latuda

The creation of the Sunovion Latuda app started with a simple script.

In the development of this app, I was involved in the very beginning. I was tasked to develop the application map as well as the user journey based on the scripts provided by the client.

What app is this?

This app is intended only for US health care professionals involved in the treatment of patients with bipolar disorder and is for educational purposes only. It is provided by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. and was developed in collaboration with expert faculty who are consultants for Sunovion.

The multidisciplinary faculty consists of 6 psychiatrists, 3 primary care physicians, and 4 psychiatric nurse practitioners who walk you through 10 hypothetical patient case studies (adult and pediatric) depicting approaches to common diagnostic and management challenges in bipolar depression. The app also puts a variety of helpful tools and resources at your fingertips, including 5 validated screening tools, a review of relevant DSM-5 information, and an overview of a potential treatment option. Download this educational clinical companion today.


Mobile and Tablet Versions

The app is available for both the phone and tablet devices. Screen resolution dictated most of the design elements and positioning.

How did I get there?

I took the time to discuss the content and goals with the client/teams involved . My priority was to understand the main usage of the app and how can we organize such content-heavy screens. The solution was to create case studies with subsections. Additional sections also needed to created like toolkits and faculty.

App Store Deployment

My involvement was until the very end of the process. I assist the developer with deployment to the app store and making sure the client team had all the necessary assets.

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