Vendor Appetite Infographic

Explaining the risks of a third-party vendor can be a cumbersome task. Venminder creates amazing educational pieces to teach professional who are just getting started with their third party management program but that are still interesting and engaging to a subject matter expert.

I worked with a group of designers to come up with a fun and creative infographic called “Understanding a Vendor Risk Appetite Statement”.

The creative inspiration came from the industry term “appetite”. I wanted to showcase a complex topic that was easy to “digest” and that had to be managed at different scales.

Proper vendor risk management helps define the risk your organization is willing to accept for any of the third parties in your vendor management portfolio.

I was asked to visualize the breakdown of what a vendor risk appetite statement is. A illustration of a hamburger was the perfect way to illustrate such complexity. The “appetite” theme went on with sections that showcased scalability (manage your hunger/order sizes) and task ownership (who is in the kitchen with the chef).